Member Information

Why should I become an MMCA member?

Membership in the Metro Media & Communications Association is designed to provide the highest level of benefit to those who are part of the organization. Therefore, membership criteria have been established not to be exclusive, but simply to give the greatest amount of value possible to those who commit their time and travel funds to the organization. The Membership Criteria presented here are a guideline. However, criteria and requirements may be waved (church size, affiliation, budget, etc.) if the leadership determines it’s appropriate. 

Membership in MMCA is a way to find encouragement from like-minded laborers in the church. Ministry demands of our roles are tough and challenging. Having a community of professionals to be able to turn to for advice and counsel is paramount. Having a community of people that understand your professional struggles is also critical to your longevity in ministry. 

What are the requirements?

General Membership Requirements

    • MMMA Membership is by an individual at a Southern Baptist Church, and not by the church itself.


    • Prospective members should be recommended by a current member in good standing.


    • Members should serve on the church staff full-time with a primary leadership role of media and/or communications.


    • Members should be responsible for managing at least $50,000 of the church’s budget annually


Church & Ministry

  • The church must have a functioning media and/or communications ministry with the potential member serving as a full-time leader in one of these areas.


  • The church could also have a multi-site or multi-venue model.


  • Members should serve on the staff of a church with an annual operating budget of at least $2.5 million.


  • Members should be responsible for combinations of other media and/or communications ministries including audio, lighting, print, web, marketing, branding, and/or information technology.


  • The potential member church size and ministry expectations will be considered by the elected officers when determining approval of the application.



To facilitate communication between our members and build community, we use a private page on Facebook.