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About MMCA

The MMCA is comprised of faithful men and women who are serving the Lord full time in Southern Baptist Churches as the primary leader of that church’s media ministry.

MMCA has a fundamental goal of serving our members. Even though we all love Media or Communications Ministry, it is often fast-paced, intense, stress-filled, and exhausting. MMCA serves as a way for all of us to bear one another’s burdens. We do this through prayer, encouragement, idea-sharing and inspiration.

Twice each year, we encourage our members to meet together. Our Annual Summer Meeting is scheduled for July 2024 in San Diego, CA… so mark your calendars! But our meetings are just the beginning. We have an extremely active private social media group on Facebook that allows us to quickly share ideas, solve problems, and encourage each other. There is a real energy that comes from knowing that you are not alone in ministry… knowing there are others who really do understand the struggles you face and have a desire to help you and encourage you.

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If you are not a member of the Metro Media & Communications Association, you are missing out! If you meet our qualifications, please complete an online application.



To facilitate communication between our members and build community, we use a private page on Facebook.